Under Where? The Hottest Looks Deserve the Right Panties

What is the point of wearing a hot dress or cool ensemble and ruining your silhouette with the wrong underwear? Make sure that when you are beefing-up your wardrobe for the coming season that you invest in the right undergarments for the clothes. Avoid lines, wrinkles, and puckers by keeping these distinctive delicates on hand: The seamless thong: This is something that every woman should own at least one of. Some outfits are compromised by panty-lines and thongs are the perfect solution.

Wearing Ball Caps for Fashion: How to Rock This Trend

Ball caps have been around for many years as accessories used in athletic wear, used primarily in sun protection. You may have noticed these hats evolving from simply being worn at baseball games to being a fashion must-have, and if you want to get in on the trend, you can let your personality shine with many different styles. Here are ways you can incorporate strapback or adjustable caps into your own wardrobe so you can be a trendsetter, too.