Wearing Ball Caps for Fashion: How to Rock This Trend

Ball caps have been around for many years as accessories used in athletic wear, used primarily in sun protection. You may have noticed these hats evolving from simply being worn at baseball games to being a fashion must-have, and if you want to get in on the trend, you can let your personality shine with many different styles. Here are ways you can incorporate strapback or adjustable caps into your own wardrobe so you can be a trendsetter, too.

Find your fit

A ball cap should fit your head comfortably and have a bill that is wide enough to cover your entire forehead without overwhelming your face. Hats come with a wide, square brim or a classic rounded style for you to choose from. When picking vintage or modern ball caps to wear, make sure the bill edges are aligned with the edges of your eyebrows so you can avoid wearing a style that is too large or too small for your face's frame. If you have a narrow or long face, a rounded brim may be better, whereas broader brims can suit a wider forehead or more heart-shaped face well.

Explore designs

Vintage distressed hats have rips and fraying along the edge of the brim, designed to be trendy (similar to torn or distressed jeans). This is a style you can wear with a classic t-shirt and plain jeans. Hats with rhinestones are excellent worn with button up shirts in bold hues, such as magenta, plum, black, or metallic shades. A classic mesh-style cap is worn best with a raglan or oversize t-shirt to keep in line with its masculine appeal.

Create texture

Classic hats made of cotton or suede offer a traditional appeal, whereas lettered hats pay tribute to ball caps' original intent. If you really want to think outside the fashion box, consider buying strapback caps in faux leather or velvet designs for a feminine flair that can even be paired with sporty dresses or rompers. Stick to bold solid hues, such as olive green, dark brown, brick red, and even goldenrod so your cap complements your outfit without overwhelming it.

Caps come in a variety of sizes and can be fitted to your head with the adjustable straps in the back. Make sure you choose a cap that fits snugly over your ears without being too tight so you can be comfortable in your fashion choice and look your very best flaunting this fun and quirky style. To find your hat, check out retailers like ByKiy.