Under Where? The Hottest Looks Deserve the Right Panties

What is the point of wearing a hot dress or cool ensemble and ruining your silhouette with the wrong underwear? Make sure that when you are beefing-up your wardrobe for the coming season that you invest in the right undergarments for the clothes. Avoid lines, wrinkles, and puckers by keeping these distinctive delicates on hand:

The seamless thong: This is something that every woman should own at least one of. Some outfits are compromised by panty-lines and thongs are the perfect solution. Also, if you buy the right size, a thong is among the most comfortable undergarment that you can wear!

The spandex boy-short: This option will help flatter your waistline when wearing your favorite slacks or pencil skirt. Plus, they are super-cute for lounging, too!

The lacy bike-short: This is perfect for getting that long, lean silhouette under your form-fitting clothes. These fall just above the knee, so they are perfect under longer skirts, snug pants, and figure-flattering dresses.

Novelty bikinis: These are a fun way to shake-things up and celebrate in a subtle way. Cute, whimsical underwear also makes a great gift idea.

Cotton briefs: You probably have in your closet. Play around with cuts and styles to find the briefs that are most practical and comfortable for you. For instance, hipster-cuts sit on your pelvic bone and rise just under your belly-button.

Silk bikinis: They are the way to go in terms of everyday wear and comfort. This is a natural, organic fabric that will be cool, dry, and comfortable—regardless of what you wear it with.

Nude-toned bikinis, briefs, and thongs: These are always a good investment. Often, white undergarments can show through and cause issues when wearing white apparel. Choose nudes in your favorite style of panties that will mute and soften the lines, giving you a streamlined, seamless appearance.

Petti-legs: These are the perfect alternative to slips, and they can be worn under dresses, skirts, and even wide leg slacks. These are available in silk and satin, but can also be found in poly for inexpensive alternatives that will still make your pants and skirts hang better. These are comfy enough for lounging, but classy, too.

Make your hottest outfits look even better with the right undergarments. Choose quality-made panties, either online or in local boutiques and stores, that will last from one season to the next. Use these suggestions to beef-up your underwear wardrobe for the most flattering and versatile ensembles. Learn more about your options through companies like Ginch Gonch.