4 Tips For Choosing A Wig That Will Help You Stay Cool This Summer

If you are wearing a wig this summer, there are a few tricks to staying nice and cool. Wearing a wig can be really hot throughout the year, especially in the summertime. When you choose your wig for the summer, you want to make sure that you pick one that is not only stylish, but will help keep your head cool.

#1 Wear A Human Hair Wig

Wigs can be made out of different material, such as human hair or synthetic material. Generally speaking, using a wig that is made out of human hair is going to make your head a little cooler. Synthetic hair tends to be hotter, and doesn't respond as well to the heat as natural hair does, which is why a human hair wig is a good investment in the summer.

#2 Go for an Airy Cap

Second, when you purchase your wig, pay attention to how the cap is made. Go for a cap that when you hold it up, you can see daylight coming through the wig. An airy wig cap means that you are going to have air circulating around your head when you are outside. Light, airy caps are best for the summer time. Save your really thick and heavy wigs for the fall and winter months.

#3 Go for Less Volume

When you select your wig for the summer, try to reduce the volume of the hair on the wig. You are not stuck with thick hair that has a lot of volume when you use a wig. Summer is a great time to go for a hair style that has a little less volume and a little less hair on it. The reduction of heat on your head will be welcome.

#4 Try Out A Shorter Hair Style

One of the downsides of cutting your hair short for the summer when you have natural hair is that you then have to wait for your hair to grow out again throughout the fall and winter months. When you wear a wig, you get to skip the grow-out process entirely, making short hair for the summer an even better idea.

If you have always wanted to experiment with a shorter hairstyle, try one this summer. If you like to wear elbow-length hair, go for a shoulder-length wig. If you generally have shoulder-length hair try out a bob this summer. Keeping your hair short will reduce the overall heat and weight of your wig.

When selecting a wig for the summertime, make sure that keeping cool and comfortable is at the top of your list. Get a wig made out of human hair with a cap that provides good air circulation. Go for a style with less length and lighter volume. Following these guides will help you choose a wig that is stylish and comfortable for the summer months. Reach out to a company like The Next Step for more information.