Looking Elegant While Staying Comfortable During A Beach Wedding

If you are getting married in the near future, and you have opted to host a beach wedding, you are most likely looking at different fashion options to wear in a sandy environment (such as those offered by Wedding Tropics). There are several styles available in bridal attire that will keep you cool and comfortable without looking too casual. Here are a few ideas for you and your bridal party to consider for your special day.  

Looking Exotic

When picking out wedding dresses to wear in the blazing sun, you will want to opt for a flowing, breathable material. Wearing clothing that is too tight will make a hot day feel miserable as sweat will not be able to be shed as easily. Stick with a dress that accentuates the top and then flows down without too many layers, as they can weigh you down and increase your temperature. Empire waist and A-line styles help keep your body cool without skimping on elegance. Many brides pick out a shorter dress instead of one with a long train that drags in the sand.

While wearing white is traditionally worn on a wedding day, if you wish to stray away from the norm consider wearing a bright color. Teal, orange, and red are popular tropical colors that can be incorporated into your entire wedding theme. Pick a fancy dress in one of these colors and dress it up with a white veil and shoes if you wish to mix a bit of tradition with a unique dress.

Picking Shoes

When you are going to be walking down a sandy aisle, heels are definitely not going to work well. Many brides will walk barefoot when getting married in a beach setting. There are several beaded or shell-adorned foot jewelry pieces to pick from to give your feet decor while walking without shoes. If you are getting married when the sun will be directly shining on the sand, making it very hot to the touch, you may want to wear a dressy pair of flip-flops or sandals instead.

Using Accessories

To help guests feel the festive atmosphere of a tropical wedding, incorporate bright colors into your apparel and decorations. Add a burst of color to your dress with a tropical-colored sash to match your bridesmaid's dresses. Have the entire bridal party wear leis or an exotic flower in their hair or on their lapel. Consider wearing jewelry made completely out of shells and carry a bouquet of tropical flowers with shells intertwined between the blooms.