3 Things To Consider When Buying Ballet Slippers

If you are just starting ballet, you are first going to want to purchase the right ballet slippers before anything else. Buying ballet slippers takes more time than you may think, since there is a great deal to consider. You want to be comfortable while you're dancing, after all, and your ballet slippers are going to help make that possible so long as you purchase the right ones. Here are 3 things to consider when buying ballet slippers:

1. Consider the Fit: When you are trying ballet slippers on, be sure that they do not make your toes curl. Although they may be made of stretchable material, they don't stretch as much as you think. On top of this, it is also advised that you try on ballet slippers at the same time of day that you usually do ballet, since feet tend to swell during the day. This is going to ensure that you purchase a more accurate size. Also, if you are buying for your child, you may think that the shoes should be purchased a bit larger since they will grow into them. However, this is not the case since oversized shoes are extremely difficult to dance in. If your child loves ballet, you are just going to have to purchase ballet slippers as they grow. 

2. Consider the Material: There are two types of materials that ballet slippers come in, which are leather and canvas. Leather typically lasts longer and keeps your feet warmer, as well. On the other hand, canvas slippers are washable, which can make them last just as long as leather and they are more affordable. You will also find that canvas slippers don't stick to the floor as much, which can help you move more swiftly. 

3. Consider How Secure They Are: There are two different ways that ballet slippers fit securely on your feet. These two ways include an elastic strap or satin ribbon that wraps tightly around your ankle to keep the slippers in place. Typically, the satin ribbon is suggested for those who perform since this is more secure. However, if you are just dancing for fun and don't perform professionally, an elastic band should be just fine. You can learn to adjust the elastic band, as well so that you can make it even more secure if needed. 

By knowing what considerations you need to make when it comes to purchasing ballet slippers, you can be sure that you end up buying the right style and fit for you.