3 Tips For Clothes Shopping With Your Teenage Daughter

Shopping with your daughter can be a fun experience for both of you if you do certain things to make it successful. This article will discuss three tips for clothes shopping with your teenage daughter. 

Set Up A Budget Before You Begin Shopping 

Since the price of clothes can add up quickly, and you can get drawn in by all of the cute outfits, it is best to set up a budget for your daughter before you ever begin shopping. If you trust your daughter to handle money, then you can give her all of the cash that she has to spend on clothes. This will help her to keep track of what she has spent and how much she has left. It will also make the money more real to her, which will help her to only pick out outfits that she really likes. However, if you only have a credit card on you, you can have your daughter keep a running tally on a calculator so she is still aware of how much she is spending and how much money she has left. 

Only Offer Advice When Asked

If your daughter is like most teenagers, she is beginning to form her own style, and she doesn't want her parent picking out all of her clothes for her. That being said, she still likely values your opinion, but only when she asks for it. This means that you should simply let her shop and offer your advice whenever she asks for it. If she wants you to help her pick out some clothes, then jump right in and help her find some outfits that you truly like. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't exercise your parental authority if she is trying on clothes that you don't approve of, but if she is simply trying to find a certain "style", then let her do her thing. 

Be Sure To Compliment Your Daughter Whenever You Like An Outfit

When it comes time for you to take all of your daughter's picks back to the dressing room, this is when you really want to be interactive. She will likely come out and model each outfit for you, and this is a great time to tell her whether you genuinely like the outfit or not. Don't tell her that you like the outfit just to make her happy, but rather be honest with her. If you like it, tell her what you like about it. However, if you don't like it, kindly tell her why. In the end, it is up to her to decide if she likes the style and the fit or not, but offering your honest opinion will mean a lot to her and will help her to find pieces that she can both look and feel good in. 

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