Taking Your Casual T-Shirt Wardrobe To The Next Level

Very few people would argue with the contention that a good t-shirt and either a pair of jeans or sweatpants are the ultimate in casual, comfortable clothing options. In fact, many people would like nothing more than to spend all day everyday wearing their comfortable, casual duds. While this may not be possible, what is possible is to customize your wardrobe of causal t-shirts to make them more uniquely you and a little more stylish. So, get to know your t-shirt customization options and give them a try. Then, the next time you have yourself a casual day, you can look good while doing it. 

Screen Print Your T-Shirts

If you are going to spend your downtime and casual days wearing t-shirts, why should you be limited to just wearing shirts of somebody else's design? After all, most graphic t-shirts are mass produced and sold, so hundreds if not thousands of people may have the exact same t-shirt you may find in stores. 

Instead of being just like everyone else with access to the local mall, you can create your own unique screen print t-shirts. All you need to do is come up with your design idea. If you have artistic abilities, you can draw it yourself or use computer editing graphic editing programs to make the design. Otherwise get a friend or trusted colleague to make it for you. 

Then, take your design to a screen printing company like Absolute Screen Printing. Select the size of your t-shirt, the fabric color, and the number you want printed. Before you know it you will have your own customized t-shirts that nobody else has. 

Basket Weave Your T-Shirts

If you want to take plain t-shirts you already have in your wardrobe and make them unique to you, you can actually create a basket weave design. To accomplish this, you need basic sewing skills and preferably a sewing machine (though you can hand sew your work as well). 

You can either create fabric strips of equal length and width from old t-shirts you no longer want, or from the back of the t-shirt you are trying to customize. To make the strips from the t-shirt you are working on, be sure to cut the strips horizontally and do not damage or remove the top and bottom hems. You will remove a strips of fabric leaving strips still attached to the shirt in between your cut-outs. 

The cut-out strips will them be woven vertically with the still-attached horizontal strips. Once you have woven the pattern, all that's left is to trim the ends of your vertical strips, and sew seams around the edges of your work to secure your basket-woven design in place. Now you have a fully customized t-shirt.