Three Choices When You Shop For A Garter Belt

If you're shopping for a designer lingerie set, you may decide to buy yourself a garter belt at the same time. This additional piece of lingerie can not only help to give your outfit more of a sexy look, but it can also be handy if you plan to wear stockings that you want to keep in place. Virtually every lingerie retailer will have all sorts of garter belts for sale, and you'll enjoy checking out a selection of these garments to find the right one for you. Here are some options that you'll need to think about when you shop for a garter belt at a high-end lingerie retailer.


Size is an important consideration when you're evaluating different garter belts. While you'll obviously want to choose one that is a size that fits your body, you'll quickly notice that these belts themselves can have different sizes. Some are extremely thin, creating a minimalist look that some people favor. Others have more fabric, which makes them stand out more. A garter belt with a larger size will be useful for covering more of the lower half of your midsection if you wish to do so.


When you look at lots of different garter belts, you'll also notice that they sit at different positions on your body. Some are quite high, positioned just a short distance below the bottom of your bra. Others are lower and will sit directly on top of your panties. Different people have different preferences about a garter belt's position. You might like the idea of having this garment across your midsection, but you may also prefer to keep your midsection looking bare and have the garter belt lower on your body.


You'll need to decide whether you want your garter belt to match the lingerie set that you're buying or provide a contrasting look. A lot of people favor the former idea. For example, if you have a black bra, black panties, and you'll be wearing black stockings, the idea of a black garter belt will help to give your entire ensemble a unified look. It can be fun, however, to choose a garter belt that will stand out from your other pieces of lingerie at times. For example, if you have a red bra and panty set, choosing a black garter belt to go with black stockings can create a different look. Keep these points in mind as you shop to help you choose the right garter belt.

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