How To Get The Most Out Of Your Fancy Bikini This Year

A fancy bikini, like a lace-up white gold chain bikini, is meant to be noticed. You likely spent a pretty penny on this summery investment and you want to get the most out of it. There are many ways you can do this, from proper care of your fancier and more delicate bikini to fun ways you can even wear your bikini in areas away from water. Explore some ways to take care of your fancy bikini this year so you can enjoy it longer.

Hand-wash your bikini

If you hand-wash your bikini in a tub or sink with cool water and gentle hand soap, you'll keep your bikini looking nicer, longer. Avoid drying your lace-up white gold chain bikini in the sun, because the sun can cause bleaching of your suit and change its solid coloring over time.

Hand-washing prevents pilling and fading of your suit while keeping it clean. If you have sensitive skin, don't use scented hand soap to wash your bikini. Hang your bikini on a wooden hanger and allow it to dry in the bathroom.

Accessorize your bikini for daily use

Pair your lace-up white gold chain bikini top with a pair of jeans and some slides or wear your entire bikini out on the boardwalk by pairing the swimwear with a sarong or large wrap. You can even put on a cardigan over your bikini, using the gold chain as the single jewelry accessory for your unique swimwear. A sunhat completes the look, making your bikini ready for on-the-town adventures away from the water.

Keep your bikini away from chlorine

As much as possible, keep your lace-up white gold chain bikini away from chlorine. Chlorine can leave yellow stains on a white swimsuit, which can be removed by using white vinegar and mild hand soap. Chlorine water can also help wear out the materials of your bikini, which can make the suit fit you more loosely. You'll keep your suit's appeal longer if you rinse your suit in non-chlorinated water every time you are done swimming in a chlorine pool.

Your lace-up white gold chain bikini is intended to last and steal the show wherever you go. If you want to get the most out of your swimsuit for years to come, use the above tips to keep your swimsuit in its best condition. Your swimsuit retailer can give you care tips for your bikini as well.

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