What You Need To Know About Sustainable Swimwear

Does it seem like sustainable swimwear is the new trend in poolside chic? Take a look at why sustainable swim pieces have gained major popularity points and what you need to know about these sweet suits.

What Is Sustainable Fashion?

From swimwear to accessories, sustainability has made its way into the fashion world. Sustainable fashion is environmentally friendly. But this doesn't mean every company or designer creates pieces that conform to specific sustainability or eco-conscious standards. The specific level of sustainability the garment or item supports depends on the manufacturer's definition of "sustainable," their commitment to the planet, and available resources.

Sustainable fashion may refer to items made with recycled fabric or fibers. This could include the reuse of secondhand and vintage fabrics, new materials made from other types of (non-clothing) recycled items, or a blend of recycled and new fibers. Some manufacturers take sustainability a step farther and use environmentally friendly or fair/ethical production, distribution, and marketing methods.

A sustainable swim or fashion line may also fall under the ethical or fair production and distribution category. These items are made with more than just recycling or reuse in mind. Ethically or fair-made fashion takes people and animals into account. This means the garments are made by people who are paid fair wages and work in healthy settings. Along with the ethical treatment of people, many ethical/fair companies consider animal welfare and may choose vegan material sources.

Why Choose Sustainable Swimsuits?

Do you take regular steps to support the environment? Sustainable fashion—including swimwear—is one way to help the planet. Whether the manufacturer reuses existing fabric, recycles fibers from other materials, or uses clean, green technology to produce garments, the choice to wear sustainable items reduces waste in a conscious way.

With a sustainable selection, you can also feel good about your choice to support a designer or company that provides livable wages, offers healthy working conditions to employees/production team members, and doesn't use animal sources.

Is Sustainable Stylish?

Sustainable clothing and stylish fashion are not separate categories. Even though sustainable items are often made from reused or recycled fibers, your swimsuit won't look like someone wore it already and it won't come with strips of plastic bottle parts.

Sustainable luxury swimwear is available in a variety of material, color, pattern, and form/type options. Whether you prefer a bold bandeau bikini, a patterned one-piece, or a neutral subtle swimsuit, you can find fashion-forward sustainable pieces with high-style. Contact a company that provides sustainable swimwear for more information.