Embrace Your Curves: 3 Trends In Athletic Wear That Are Flattering On Curvy Women

As a woman with curves or a woman without curves, one of the best ways that you can feel confident when you're working out is to get some new athletic wear. But because there tend to be more clothing options geared to women who are thin, if you are a woman with curves, then you may not know what to wear when you work out that will make you feel sexy. 

Think High Waisted

Whether you have a naturally tiny waist or you carry more weight around your middle, high waisted leggings can really save you. High waisted leggings tend to hug you in all of the right places so that everything is tight while you're working out. Just make sure that you look for leggings that have a lot of compression in them so that they really hold you in place. Also, try to find a pair of high waisted leggings that go over your belly button and just under your bra line because that's when they tend to look the most flattering. 

Crop Top

You don't have to be a size zero to rock a crop top. In fact, when you pair a crop top with some nice high waisted leggings, you can look as good and feel as good as the models in the catalog. The trick to buying a crop top is to ensure that it's longer than workout bra but that it still shows off some of your midriffs. On average, it's safe to say that just showing off an inch or two of your midriffs is the ultimate way to go. 

Yoga Tops

If you just aren't confident enough to wear a crop top or if you just want more coverage while you're working out then get a yoga top that ties in the back. These types of tops typically have a slit up the middle of the back which will allow you to tie it in the back without it bunching too much. By having a little bit more coverage while you're working out, you may feel sexier and more confident overall. 

Being a curvy woman doesn't mean that you have to cover up your body in a sheet when you are out in public or exercising. In fact, you should embrace your curves the best way that you know how by investing in some clothes that make you feel confident and sexy every time you put them on. To learn more about athletic wear collections, reach out to a retailer near you.