A Hipster Guide to Traveling: 3 Things to Bring with You on a Cross Country Trip

If you have always wanted to travel across the United States, then make this the summer that you turn your dreams into a reality. With so many fun spots to see out on the open road, you are sure to make some memories that are worthy of posting on Instagram. But, before you head out onto the open road, make sure that you are equipped with a few fun and helpful hipster-approved accessories. Ready to learn some more? If so, then read on. 

Polaroid Cameras

Polaroid cameras may have been the rage when your parents were young, but once digital photographer took over, they slowly started to die off. But, just like with all things, Polaroid cameras are now one of the trendiest ways to snap photos in an instant and have something tangible to show for it. Before you go out of town, grab one of these Polaroid cameras, some extra film, and et started snapping pictures of your favorite stops on your road trip. 

A Journal 

Journaling is another art form that is coming back and in full force. Rather than solely documenting everything online, get a journal to write down all of your memories in and then post some of your polaroids inside of it. The fun thing about journaling is that it not only gives you a creative way to express yourself but it also is something you can pass onto your kids in the future. Just make sure that you pack some extra pens with you. 


What else are you going to put all of your stuff in other than an eco-friendly black backpack? Eco-friendly backpacks are great because they are usually made up of waterproof material and they are made from recyclable material. Plus, you can find one in whatever size you want. If you only want a small backpack to store things in or a large one, you are bound to find a backpack that will help you get through your trip. When shopping for a backpack, just make sure that it has a bunch of compartments in it so that you can keep everything as organized as possible. 

Make sure that you go on a road trip that you will remember and go prepared with everything that's listed in this article. To find all of these fun accessories, go to a retailer near you and see if they can help you out.