Bathing Suits To Fix Flaws And Accentuate Features

When bathing suit season comes around, the sheer amount of designs available can be overwhelming. If you want to narrow down your options, think about what you like and dislike about your figure. The right bathing suit can draw the eye to just the right spots to give you a flattering look.

If you like…

  • the overall shape of your figure: don't distract from it with a too-busy print. Solid colors will make your swimsuit less about the suit and more about you. Of course, if you're happy with your figure, you can probably wear most suits and feel good in them!
  • how athletic you look: accentuate it with a sporty style like a sporty solid-color suit. A one-piece says you're serious about your swimming; a two-piece lets you show off your muscular abs.
  • your long legs: you can lengthen them even further with high-cut leg holes, but be careful. Long legs are nice, but you don't want to emphasize them so much that you look disproportional. Try to combine a bottom that shows off your legs with an interesting top. One-piece suits are also very flattering for people with long legs.
  • how large your bust is: try a halter top to give support while also adding interest to the top of the suit. Embellishments like ruffles that make your bust look bigger aren't necessary, but things like sequins that draw the eye to the top of the suit could be just what you want.

If you dislike…

  • that your waist isn't an hourglass: look for cute bathing suits with included tummy-control panels to hold you in or ruching to make your waist appear smaller. If there's nothing to hold in – you've just got a rectangular figure – then widen your bust and hips with embellishments. For example, a ruffled top combined with a skirt bottom can make your figure look more hourglass.
  • how large your bust is: you're going to want a lot of support. Stay away from strapless tops and find a swimsuit with an underwire bra. To balance your bust visually with your hips, mix up your colors with a dark top and a bright bottom.
  • the size of your hips or thighs: choose a bathing suit with an included skirt to cover larger hips or thighs, making the outward flare of your body into a feature. On the other hand, if the reason you dislike your hips or thighs is because they're smaller in proportion to your bust or shoulders, then avoid strapless tops and draw attention downwards with a plain top and bright or patterned bottom.
  • your short legs: definitely avoid swimsuits with a skirt or shorts-style bottom. Look for high-cut leg holes instead. Another technique to make legs look longer is to choose a high-waisted suit – either a two-piece with a high-cut bottom or a one-piece in two colors divided at the upper waist.