How To Look Fashionable And Functional At Your Next Yoga Class

It seems like yoga studios are everywhere these days. This is great news for seasoned and novice yogis alike. With yoga's rise in popularity, it is easier than ever to find comfortable and beautiful work-out clothes for doing yoga.  These tips can help you look your best while you're working out. 


Keep in mind that in yoga you will be going upside down quite a bit. Wearing a form fitting shirt is a must, if you don't want your shirt to fly up during a headstand. Sleeveless shirts are also nice as you will be moving quite a bit. A sleeveless shirt is more comfortable for hot yoga, as you will be sweating due to the raised temperature. Exercise shirts that are made to have wicking qualities are also great for hot yoga, as they will keep sweat from dripping onto your mat and making it slippery.

Many companies make tank top and sports bra combinations. These shirts are ideal for yoga as they keep you covered, allow you to move, and keep you cool.

Sports Bras

A sports bra worn for support is not necessary for yoga, as it is low impact. However, it is perfectly acceptable at most hot yoga studios to wear a sports bra instead of a shirt, due to the hot temperature. There a lot of cute sports bras out there and many are quite trendy. The ones with strings and webbing on the back are meant to be seen, either on their own, or peeking out from a tank top.


If you wear shorts for yoga, they should be form fitting as well. Keep in mind that you will be doing stretches that involve splits and raising your legs in the air. Running shorts with built in underwear and volleyball shorts are great for yoga, as they are meant for exercise but will also keep you modest.


Leggings are made for yoga, as they are very stretchy. Leggings with a higher rise will be less likely to ride down in the back. High rise leggings are also very trendy for spring. Leggings that are specifically made for yoga are thick enough to hold you in so that they are form fitting but not too revealing. 

Loose knit pants

Knit pants will keep you cool and are also stretchy. Many yogis appreciate loose knit pants for their comfort and modesty.


You will be laying on the back of your head a lot during class. A high bun or pigtails will keep your hair off of your face, while keeping you cool. A single ponytail in the back of your hair will get in the way when you are laying on your mat.

Keep these tips in mind as you look for new work-out clothes at retailers like San Francisco City Lights.