Looking Elegant While Staying Comfortable During A Beach Wedding

If you are getting married in the near future, and you have opted to host a beach wedding, you are most likely looking at different fashion options to wear in a sandy environment (such as those offered by Wedding Tropics). There are several styles available in bridal attire that will keep you cool and comfortable without looking too casual. Here are a few ideas for you and your bridal party to consider for your special day.  

Looking Exotic

When picking out wedding dresses to wear in the blazing sun, you will want to opt for a flowing, breathable material. Wearing clothing that is too tight will make a hot day feel miserable as sweat will not be able to be shed as easily. Stick with a dress that accentuates the top and then flows down without too many layers, as they can weigh you down and increase your temperature. Empire waist and A-line styles help keep your body cool without skimping on elegance. Many brides pick out a shorter dress instead of one with a long train that drags in the sand.

While wearing white is traditionally worn on a wedding day, if you wish to stray away from the norm consider wearing a bright color. Teal, orange, and red are popular tropical colors that can be incorporated into your entire wedding theme. Pick a fancy dress in one of these colors and dress it up with a white veil and shoes if you wish to mix a bit of tradition with a unique dress.

Picking Shoes

When you are going to be walking down a sandy aisle, heels are definitely not going to work well. Many brides will walk barefoot when getting married in a beach setting. There are several beaded or shell-adorned foot jewelry pieces to pick from to give your feet decor while walking without shoes. If you are getting married when the sun will be directly shining on the sand, making it very hot to the touch, you may want to wear a dressy pair of flip-flops or sandals instead.

Using Accessories

To help guests feel the festive atmosphere of a tropical wedding, incorporate bright colors into your apparel and decorations. Add a burst of color to your dress with a tropical-colored sash to match your bridesmaid’s dresses. Have the entire bridal party wear leis or an exotic flower in their hair or on their lapel. Consider wearing jewelry made completely out of shells and carry a bouquet of tropical flowers with shells intertwined between the blooms.

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Planning For A 3-Day Canoe Trip: A Checklist

If you’ve never been on a multi-day canoe trip, you might not know what to bring with you. Well, this checklist is going to help you out. You don’t want to show up under prepared and end up having a miserable experience. Likewise, you don’t want to overload yourself and bring a bunch of stuff that’s not necessary.

Things You Don’t Need To Bring

  • Life Jackets and Oars

If you are renting a canoe from an outfitter, instead of bringing your own to the river, then you won’t need to bring oars. The rental place will supply the correct oars. They will also provide life jackets. Sometimes there will be an extra fee for life jackets. The only caveat is if you already own new, comfortable life jackets. In this case, feel free to bring them because they might be better than the ones the rental place offers.

  • Elaborate Cooking Equipment

Some people go overboard with camping cooking. It’s one thing if you’re driving to a campsite, but if you need to pack your gear in a canoe, then you should forgo elaborate pots, pans and stoves.

Things You Will Need To Bring

  • Pop-Up Tent

You will need to sleep somewhere. A small pop up tent is perfect because it is easy to set up. The tricky part of pop up tents is folding them back together. You should make sure you know how to fold up the tent before you take your trip. Here is a good illustrated guide that will explain the process.

  • Camp Shoes and Water Shoes

Camp shoes are the shoes you’ll wear when you’re at camp, on dry land. Water shoes, or sandals, should be used when you’re in the canoe. When you are bringing your canoe into land you might have to get out and pull it in. Also, if you hit rapids on the river, water can splash into the canoe and get your shoes wet. Water shoes should be breathable and have textured bottoms.

  • Neoprene Waders And Fishing Gear

If you’re planning on fishing, then you want to get neoprene waders and bring along a collapsible fishing pole. A small tackle box will sit in the canoe, but a full size fishing pole might take up too much room.

Neoprene waders are essential for fly fishing. The water might not seem cold, but if you’re standing waist deep for hours then you definitely need protection to avoid things like trench foot.

  • Washable Cutlery and Food

Bring a small set of washable plates and forks. You should also bring nonperishable food. Canned food works well because it is both waterproof and doesn’t require refrigeration.

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Bathing Suits To Fix Flaws And Accentuate Features

When bathing suit season comes around, the sheer amount of designs available can be overwhelming. If you want to narrow down your options, think about what you like and dislike about your figure. The right bathing suit can draw the eye to just the right spots to give you a flattering look.

If you like…

  • the overall shape of your figure: don’t distract from it with a too-busy print. Solid colors will make your swimsuit less about the suit and more about you. Of course, if you’re happy with your figure, you can probably wear most suits and feel good in them!
  • how athletic you look: accentuate it with a sporty style like a sporty solid-color suit. A one-piece says you’re serious about your swimming; a two-piece lets you show off your muscular abs.
  • your long legs: you can lengthen them even further with high-cut leg holes, but be careful. Long legs are nice, but you don’t want to emphasize them so much that you look disproportional. Try to combine a bottom that shows off your legs with an interesting top. One-piece suits are also very flattering for people with long legs.
  • how large your bust is: try a halter top to give support while also adding interest to the top of the suit. Embellishments like ruffles that make your bust look bigger aren’t necessary, but things like sequins that draw the eye to the top of the suit could be just what you want.

If you dislike…

  • that your waist isn’t an hourglass: look for cute bathing suits with included tummy-control panels to hold you in or ruching to make your waist appear smaller. If there’s nothing to hold in – you’ve just got a rectangular figure – then widen your bust and hips with embellishments. For example, a ruffled top combined with a skirt bottom can make your figure look more hourglass.
  • how large your bust is: you’re going to want a lot of support. Stay away from strapless tops and find a swimsuit with an underwire bra. To balance your bust visually with your hips, mix up your colors with a dark top and a bright bottom.
  • the size of your hips or thighs: choose a bathing suit with an included skirt to cover larger hips or thighs, making the outward flare of your body into a feature. On the other hand, if the reason you dislike your hips or thighs is because they’re smaller in proportion to your bust or shoulders, then avoid strapless tops and draw attention downwards with a plain top and bright or patterned bottom.
  • your short legs: definitely avoid swimsuits with a skirt or shorts-style bottom. Look for high-cut leg holes instead. Another technique to make legs look longer is to choose a high-waisted suit – either a two-piece with a high-cut bottom or a one-piece in two colors divided at the upper waist.
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Happiness Thy Name Is Alegria: Three Reasons To Choose Supportive Shoes

You should be able to be comfortable in your own shoes, but sadly that is not always the case. If you work in a profession that keeps you on your feet all day, then finding comfort in your shoes is not always easy. Some shoemakers focus on style. A flat shoe might have an urban elegance, but if you work as a nurse or a teacher, the lack of support in your shoes can leave you feeling achy and old by the end of the day. When you need shoes that will stand by you throughout the day, you need to focus on supportive shoes.

Quality Construction

If you choose shoes that are made from money-saving material, you might not get the long-lasting support that you are after. You might choose a pair of shoes because they look nice and come at a decent price, but if you don’t buy shoes made from durable materials like leather and high-density foam, they can wear out quickly. This can lead to a decrease in support as well as hurt the look of your shoe. 

Proper Arch Support

If you don’t properly support your arch, you can end with pain extending from your feet all the way up to your hips. If your foot is not in proper alignment, then you put pressure on the bones and tendons in your foot. If not corrected, this pressure can lead to long-term problems like tendinitis, bone spurs, and other issues. If you know that you have high arches or that you are prone to arch issues, you want to choose your shoes very carefully. Shoes such as those made by Alegria (found through outlets such as http://www.alegriashoeshop.com) are well known for providing good arch support. 


The final key when you are on your feet all day is to find a shoe that provides a good amount of cushion. If the sides of the shoe are too stiff, they can cause blistering, and if the soul of the shoes is too hard, your feet will take an unnecessary beating throughout the day. You don’t need to look for shoes that have a half-inch thick outer soul, you just need to find shoes that you can be comfortable wearing all day. 

Many people focus on looks when they choose a shoe. Looks are important, but those good looks should not come at the expense of comfort. The trick is to find comfortable shoes that look great at the same time. 

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2 Reasons Electrical Contractors Should Provide Uniforms for Their Employees

If you are an electrical contractor and have employees working for you, it might be wise to look into uniforms for them to wear. Uniforms are not a necessity for electricians; however, there are reasons why you should consider getting them for your employees if you don’t already have them. The first reason is to help improve the way people perceive your company, and the second is to provide protection to your workers by requiring them to wear flame resistant clothing for safety reasons.

Uniforms May Improve Your Company’s Image

The first reason any company requires uniforms is for the image of the company. If you walk into a fast food restaurant, you will see that the employees are all wearing uniforms, and you will also notice uniforms in many other industries. These companies do this for specific reasons, and one of these reasons is to create a certain image of the company.

Uniforms create a consistent look and feel for a business; and according to Business Wire, consumers feel safer doing business with companies that require uniforms for their employees. Uniforms also improve a company’s image, and they can make customers feel valued and appreciated.  

When selecting uniforms, you can choose a color that represents your company, and you can even have your company’s name embroidered or placed on the uniforms.

Uniforms Offer Protection to Employees

Electricians work in dangerous settings. While they are trained to complete jobs that involve electricity, the work itself can still pose risks. Because of this, you may want to offer protection to your employees by requiring them to wear flame resistant clothing. Luckily, you can purchase or rent flame resistant uniforms for them, and these will protect them if a fire starts.

Flame resistant clothing (FRC) is something that is recommended for all employees working in environments that contain potential fire risks. FRC is made in a way that causes a fire to go out if the fire touches the clothing. Because of this, an employee’s chances of being harmed are much lower if he or she is wearing FRC.

Offering uniforms to your employees is a great way to help your employees feel valued too, especially if the uniforms are made of FRC. If you are interested in learning more about your options in uniforms, or if you would like more information about flame resistant clothing, contact a company that sells these items.

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Tips For Finding The Perfect Work Boots Even If You Have Bunions

Whether you’re on your feet all day at work, or just need a good pair of work boots for working around your own property, it can be challenging if you suffer from foot issues. Bunions and flat feet, two conditions that often go hand-in-hand, don’t have to mean that you’re stuck with uncomfortable foot wear.

Tip #1: Toe the Line

Although work boots are readily available for wide feet in general, this does you no good if you don’t have exceptionally wide feet across the arch or heel. Fortunately, it’s fairly easy to find work boots with a wide toe box. Most major manufacturers offer several options. When shopping for new boots (from outlets such as Cowpokes), verify that it’s the toe box that’s wider, and not just the entire shoe. You’ll end up with both blisters and bunions if the rest of the shoe is too wide.

Tip #2: It’s All Material

Work boots come in a variety of materials, including leather, nylon and rubber. You may be limited to certain materials, depending on your job. For example, if you work with electrical hazards chances are you want rubber boots to provide a ground.

The good news is that all boot materials will loosen up over time, but the amount of loosening and the time it takes depends on the material. Rubber and nylon only stretch slightly, while you can quickly shape and stretch leather so it fits around a bunion comfortably. If you have a choice in the material, leather is usually the most comfortable selection.

Tip #3: Get In Shape

Although it’s usually recommended to pick out work boots that are comfortable as soon as you try them on, you know that’s not always possible when you’re dealing with a foot condition like bunions. Instead, pick the boot that is as comfortable as you can find in the store, and then get the boot in shape once you get home.

A rubbing bar, which is a curved bar with a rounded tip, can be used to shape the toe box of leather and nylon boots so they fit more naturally around your bunion. Simply insert the boot over the bar. Position the bar in the location that needs shaping or widening, and then rub the boot over the bar with heavy downward pressure for five to 10 minutes.

Tip #4: Take Up Space

One issue with wide toe boxes that can accommodate a bunion comfortably is that they may also be too wide in the heel. This will result in painful blisters as your feet shift uncomfortably. If your feet aren’t wide completely down their length, plan to invest in quality insoles and heel pads to fill in the space. Lacing loosely across the toes but tightly just above the instep can also help prevent uncomfortable sliding.

No matter how perfect the fit, your work boots still require a full breaking in period. Wear them around the house for several hours each day before taking them into the field.

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3 Things To Consider When Buying Ballet Slippers

If you are just starting ballet, you are first going to want to purchase the right ballet slippers before anything else. Buying ballet slippers takes more time than you may think, since there is a great deal to consider. You want to be comfortable while you’re dancing, after all, and your ballet slippers are going to help make that possible so long as you purchase the right ones. Here are 3 things to consider when buying ballet slippers:

1. Consider the Fit: When you are trying ballet slippers on, be sure that they do not make your toes curl. Although they may be made of stretchable material, they don’t stretch as much as you think. On top of this, it is also advised that you try on ballet slippers at the same time of day that you usually do ballet, since feet tend to swell during the day. This is going to ensure that you purchase a more accurate size. Also, if you are buying for your child, you may think that the shoes should be purchased a bit larger since they will grow into them. However, this is not the case since oversized shoes are extremely difficult to dance in. If your child loves ballet, you are just going to have to purchase ballet slippers as they grow. 

2. Consider the Material: There are two types of materials that ballet slippers come in, which are leather and canvas. Leather typically lasts longer and keeps your feet warmer, as well. On the other hand, canvas slippers are washable, which can make them last just as long as leather and they are more affordable. You will also find that canvas slippers don’t stick to the floor as much, which can help you move more swiftly. 

3. Consider How Secure They Are: There are two different ways that ballet slippers fit securely on your feet. These two ways include an elastic strap or satin ribbon that wraps tightly around your ankle to keep the slippers in place. Typically, the satin ribbon is suggested for those who perform since this is more secure. However, if you are just dancing for fun and don’t perform professionally, an elastic band should be just fine. You can learn to adjust the elastic band, as well so that you can make it even more secure if needed. 

By knowing what considerations you need to make when it comes to purchasing ballet slippers, you can be sure that you end up buying the right style and fit for you.

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Things All Pregnant Brides Need To Consider When Planning Their Weddings

You’re engaged and expecting a baby. You’ve got a lot of things to celebrate, but planning a wedding while you’re expecting can be difficult. Not only do you have to worry about all of the things that normal brides do, such as flowers, guest lists, and catering, but you also have to worry about fitting into your wedding dress, morning sickness, and pregnancy fatigue. However, you don’t need to postpone your wedding just because you’re pregnant. Check out these tips to make planning a wedding as an expectant mother easier.

Time Things Right

For engaged, expecting mothers, timing is everything. If possible, choose a wedding date that falls within your second trimester. By then, your morning sickness should be gone, or at least eased up enough that you can eat a piece of your wedding cake without hurling.

Fatigue is another issue that pregnant brides face. Unfortunately, pregnancy fatigue typically increases as your pregnancy progresses. However, by your second trimester, you know what time of day fatigue hits you the hardest. If you’re extra tired mid-afternoon, plan an evening wedding, or if you’re exhausted at night, get married in the afternoon.

Dress the Part

When you visit the bridal shop, let the consultant know that you’re expecting a baby — even if you haven’t begun to show yet. This way, she can help you choose a dress size that’s ideal for you and your belly-to-be. A few things to keep in mind include:

  • Look for maternity wedding dresses made from loose, lightweight fabrics, such as chiffon or crepe. You’ll be more comfortable in a lightweight gown than you would be in a dress made from heavier materials, such as taffeta or satin. Plus, expecting mothers tend to become hot easier than women who aren’t pregnant. So, choosing a maternity wedding dress that’s lightweight reduces your odds of having a dizzy spell while walking down the aisle.
  • Choose a dress style that you’ll be comfortable wearing and makes you feel beautiful. It’s your day. Your belly may be slightly bigger than you planned, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have the wedding dress of your dreams. When in doubt, try on gowns with an empire waist, which is snug in the bustline and roomier in the belly. Baby bumps look especially elegant in empire-waist gowns.
  • Talk to the consultant about hemming the dress so that it’s short enough for you to wear ballet flats or lace-up sandals to your wedding. Edema is common during pregnancy, and your swelled feet and ankles will thank you for not wearing heels.

Some of your wedding plans may change slightly because you’re expecting a baby, and it’s okay. As long as you consider the way your body will change and how you will feel at the time of your wedding when you’re making plans, the planning process isn’t difficult.

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How To Look Fashionable And Functional At Your Next Yoga Class

It seems like yoga studios are everywhere these days. This is great news for seasoned and novice yogis alike. With yoga’s rise in popularity, it is easier than ever to find comfortable and beautiful work-out clothes for doing yoga.  These tips can help you look your best while you’re working out. 


Keep in mind that in yoga you will be going upside down quite a bit. Wearing a form fitting shirt is a must, if you don’t want your shirt to fly up during a headstand. Sleeveless shirts are also nice as you will be moving quite a bit. A sleeveless shirt is more comfortable for hot yoga, as you will be sweating due to the raised temperature. Exercise shirts that are made to have wicking qualities are also great for hot yoga, as they will keep sweat from dripping onto your mat and making it slippery.

Many companies make tank top and sports bra combinations. These shirts are ideal for yoga as they keep you covered, allow you to move, and keep you cool.

Sports Bras

A sports bra worn for support is not necessary for yoga, as it is low impact. However, it is perfectly acceptable at most hot yoga studios to wear a sports bra instead of a shirt, due to the hot temperature. There a lot of cute sports bras out there and many are quite trendy. The ones with strings and webbing on the back are meant to be seen, either on their own, or peeking out from a tank top.


If you wear shorts for yoga, they should be form fitting as well. Keep in mind that you will be doing stretches that involve splits and raising your legs in the air. Running shorts with built in underwear and volleyball shorts are great for yoga, as they are meant for exercise but will also keep you modest.


Leggings are made for yoga, as they are very stretchy. Leggings with a higher rise will be less likely to ride down in the back. High rise leggings are also very trendy for spring. Leggings that are specifically made for yoga are thick enough to hold you in so that they are form fitting but not too revealing. 

Loose knit pants

Knit pants will keep you cool and are also stretchy. Many yogis appreciate loose knit pants for their comfort and modesty.


You will be laying on the back of your head a lot during class. A high bun or pigtails will keep your hair off of your face, while keeping you cool. A single ponytail in the back of your hair will get in the way when you are laying on your mat.

Keep these tips in mind as you look for new work-out clothes at retailers like San Francisco City Lights.

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3 Tips For Clothes Shopping With Your Teenage Daughter

Shopping with your daughter can be a fun experience for both of you if you do certain things to make it successful. This article will discuss three tips for clothes shopping with your teenage daughter. 

Set Up A Budget Before You Begin Shopping 

Since the price of clothes can add up quickly, and you can get drawn in by all of the cute outfits, it is best to set up a budget for your daughter before you ever begin shopping. If you trust your daughter to handle money, then you can give her all of the cash that she has to spend on clothes. This will help her to keep track of what she has spent and how much she has left. It will also make the money more real to her, which will help her to only pick out outfits that she really likes. However, if you only have a credit card on you, you can have your daughter keep a running tally on a calculator so she is still aware of how much she is spending and how much money she has left. 

Only Offer Advice When Asked

If your daughter is like most teenagers, she is beginning to form her own style, and she doesn’t want her parent picking out all of her clothes for her. That being said, she still likely values your opinion, but only when she asks for it. This means that you should simply let her shop and offer your advice whenever she asks for it. If she wants you to help her pick out some clothes, then jump right in and help her find some outfits that you truly like. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t exercise your parental authority if she is trying on clothes that you don’t approve of, but if she is simply trying to find a certain “style”, then let her do her thing. 

Be Sure To Compliment Your Daughter Whenever You Like An Outfit

When it comes time for you to take all of your daughter’s picks back to the dressing room, this is when you really want to be interactive. She will likely come out and model each outfit for you, and this is a great time to tell her whether you genuinely like the outfit or not. Don’t tell her that you like the outfit just to make her happy, but rather be honest with her. If you like it, tell her what you like about it. However, if you don’t like it, kindly tell her why. In the end, it is up to her to decide if she likes the style and the fit or not, but offering your honest opinion will mean a lot to her and will help her to find pieces that she can both look and feel good in. 

For more information or advice, contact a local clothing store such as Plato’s Closet.

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